A little something for dad

Dads aren’t usually very picky but it’s still important to find the right gift for Father’s Day. Here are some of our favourite pressies every fashionable dad can appreciate.

  1. Fossil Grant Sport Chronograph Tan Leather Watch
  2. Gucci Leather Loafers
  3. Ray Ban Havana Phantos Sunglasses
  4. Plumage Niminimi Pochette (Pocket Scarf)
  5. Dior Sauvage


Thanks to the magic of social media and my obsession for anything with a heel, I came across a designer who caught my attention in a very special way – signing their signature with a treble clef. New York based designer Obi Cymatica discovered his natural talent for design and illustration after moving from Nigeria to New York City at the age of 16. He turned to the creative arts and naturally started sketching shoes that eventually caught the attention of BCBG, Oscar De La Renta, and Jimmy Choo.

So where does this treble clef come into the picture and why did this excite me so much? Last year, the OBI Cymatica shoe collection brand was born and, of course, his sketches all contain the very same treble clef signature that drew me to his work. An idea sparked in my head and I kept my fingers crossed that this idea could turn into a reality.

I got in touch with the ever-so-friendly Obi about putting together two unique sketches that would appeal to a woman with a passion for classical music. Taking it a step further, I thought it would be interesting to portray each sketch as a classical composer embodied into an Obi Cymatica shoe, expressing both a musical style and personality related to the chosen composer.

The “Mozart” Shoe
A man who acted like a child his entire life, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart loved to pull pranks and, in short, have a good time. He had a love for dancing, fashion and was quite vain about his wild hair. Many would say that his signautre colour was red. The Austrian prodigy faced many personal and financial challenges throughout his entire life and unfortunately was only 35 years old when he died from a serious illness.

obi matica2

The “Beethoven” Shoe
It can be said of Ludwig van Beethoven, especially from the time of his arrival in Vienna, in 1792, that he was a young man of strong personality and at times quite difficult to get along with.  He was also a person of noble ideas and very well respected in the circles in which he was associated with. Seen as a bohemian, the stubborn composer would become the father of the Romantic Era and defied the odds even after he went completely deaf creating some of the most famous pieces of all time.

obi matica1
Thank you so much to the talented Obi Cymatica for creating these brilliant sketches for MIMA CULTURE!
The latest Fall Winter 2014 collection is available by visiting obicymatica.net

A Walk In His Shoes

History has always played a huge role in shaping the creative process for many designers including Canadian shoe designer Abel Muñoz.  His latest collection for FW15 truly represents a craftsmanship and philosophy that is focused on detail with a functional elegance. The Toronto-based designer still believes in creating traditional shoe patterns using quality materials rather than taking the ‘moulding’ route.

Having completed his studies at the world-renowned ARS Arpel Institute of Shoe and Accessory Design in Italy, Muñoz has made a name for himself internationally, and of course, right here, in Canada. He is loved by many fashion personalities who have featured his collections in Elle, FASHION, and Vogue Italia.

I also had a chance to chat with the ever-so-kind designer and learn about his creative processes that were both historically influenced and a little out of this world too.

MC: What were your inspirations for the FW15 season?

AM: The Abel Muñoz Fall Winter 2014\15 collection aims for the stars. Emotion and attitude influenced and determined by the cosmos. Each style, named after a heavenly body in the solar system, represents the modern elegance of the forward thinking woman of today and hereafter.



MC: You have quite a variety when it comes to styles such as the Ascella, Cursa and Izar. How do you sketch out these types of patterns when creating for an upcoming season?

AM: I usually keep all ideas that come to mind or that I visualized in a journal then I start the drawing process either by hand or computer generated. Once I have a series of sketches that I am happy with, I do a round of selection from where a collection is created.

MC: During your studies, were you fascinated with the history of shoes? I sense a very glam, 1930’s feel towards this collection.AM: I am mainly inspired by the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s before mass production began and the handmade shoe industry was thriving.

MC:  If you could design a pair of shoes for anyone in history, doesn’t matter what century, who would it be?

AM: I would love to design for The Medici Family.