Smart fashion

Innovative fashion is on the rise thanks to technology and a very ambitious retail environment. The world of bricks and mortar stores are changing and reinventing their ways thanks to online shopping. Brands are looking to create garments that not only look good but serve a purpose. Here’s a look into some interesting ‘smart fashion’ from how we purchase to adding the next best thing into our closets.

3D Virtual Styling
Let’s start with shopping. E-commerce retailers are growing at an alarming rate and let’s face it, convenience is key for many of us. Of course, many are hesitant to purchase without physically trying something on before buying it. Just last month, Asia-based Venture Studio, Nogle, unveiled a 3-D real-time virtual styling solution that would help online retailers, especially start up brands, connect better with their growing customer base. brings a new way for shoppers to try on clothes, create new looks and share on social media allowing users to create a 360-degree avatar of themselves. After entering a few simple measurements – height, weight, hips, waist and bra size – shoppers can generate an avatar with their body measurements to try on garments and find the best fit. Finally, shoppers are also able to personalize their avatar by adjusting their body measurements, skin tone, hair colors, and shoe selection.

‘Smart’ Denim
For many fashion designers, the new trend is transform everyday wear into something more useful. Spinali Design is a French-based company known for creating jeans that can give directions without needing to take our your mobile device as you are heading over to your destination. Blue tooth sensors are stitched into the jeans’ waistband, your smart phone stays in your pocket and instead, sensors will vibrate, for example, will vibrate in your right pocket if you need to turn right. Once you lock down where you plan to go on your mobile device, the jeans will do the rest of the work.

Living, breathing textile
MIT researchers never cease to amaze us. Over the past year, efforts have been made to further increase athletic performance through textile innovation. Combining biomaterials research, this completely new form of performance fabric reacts to body heat and sweat. This garment understand when you sweat, help to release it, and close up to keep you warm again.

High-tech luxury
The worst is when your phone runs out of ‘juice’ before you come home from work or an event. Now, it is possible to charge your mobile device in your handbag at all times. High-tech purses are on the rise from clutches to totes. Mezzi, is a company from Vancouver making sure that their consumers “always stay in charge”. Along with an integrated phone charger, other designs also include blue tooth speaker, in-bag light and call/message notifications. We’ll take it.

A little something for dad

Dads aren’t usually very picky but it’s still important to find the right gift for Father’s Day. Here are some of our favourite pressies every fashionable dad can appreciate.

  1. Fossil Grant Sport Chronograph Tan Leather Watch
  2. Gucci Leather Loafers
  3. Ray Ban Havana Phantos Sunglasses
  4. Plumage Niminimi Pochette (Pocket Scarf)
  5. Dior Sauvage

Aleks Susak Opens Toronto Summer Showroom

Canadian designer, Aleks Susak, has officially opened her Toronto summer showroom featuring latest pieces from The Silk Collection. Also, luxury leather handbags will be introduced featuring gold leaf embellishments and hand-painted motifs.

The Silk Collection is a luxury line of hand painted silk garments that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Inspired by the rich history of silk fabric, it is a fusion of traditional artisanry combined with modern design. Each piece within the collection is created in a careful multi-step process, where the fabric is first cut to shape, individually painted and then hand sewn with immaculate attention to detail. An expression of individuality, The Silk Collection represents style that embodies beauty, femininity and timeless elegance.

Launched in 2014, Creative Director, Aleks Susak, designs and produces ready-to-wear pieces specializing in luxury silk garments that are made-to-measure, hand-painted, and one-of-a-kind. Aleks combines traditional cuts with modern fabrics. One of the most recognizable aspects of Aleks’s work is the ongoing mix of art and fashion, as well as traditional artisanship, where hand crafted elements are present in almost every collection.

The showroom is located 247 Macpherson Avenue, Unit 105.
[Avenue Road and Dupont Street]
Mon-Fri (11 AM to 7 PM)
Sat-Sun (10 AM to 3 PM)
Or by appointment






Through the artist’s eyes

Taking the stage as a classical artist is exciting and glamorous but it takes years of practice and dedication. Education plays a vital role in every performer’s musical career – I, too, know from experience. Singing or playing in front of people is the easy part. How you get this is another story.

With events like Operanation, aspiring students are given the chance to learn from the best in the business as they embark on a life-changing musical path. Yes, again, I may be biased, but there is nothing I love more than seeing the arts and education flourish together hand-in-hand.

Canadian Soprano, Simone Osborne has been hailed as “a joy to hear” (Los Angeles Times) with “a sweet and clear sound, sensitive phrasing and gleaming sustained high notes” (New York Times). As one of the youngest winners of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, she is also an alumni of the Canadian Opera Company Studio Ensemble. As an active attendee, we take a look from the artist’s point-of-view.

As an artist, define your interpretation of Operanation.

I have always seen Operanation as the COC’s invitation to a young generation of Torontonians who may have yet to experience the Four Seasons Centre and the operatic art form in all of its glory. It’s an incredible introduction to opera thanks to collaborative performances with pop musicians, creative exhibitions, amazing food and drinks at the most glamorous venue in the city. In short, it is a night where guests are welcomed in true COC style, and everyone leaves feeling welcome, inspired, excited and eager to return for a full blown performance. Operanation shows the whole city that opera is meant for everyone, regardless of age, income bracket or experience. It breaks down the walls and shows people just how accessible and sensational opera can be.

You are a graduate of the Ensemble Studio – what does the support of the Operanation event mean for all current members?

The success of Operanation makes a huge difference in the lives of the young Ensemble Studio singer. Becoming a professional opera singer takes time, dedication and an incredible team of experts to show you the way. The COC brings in the very best singing teachers, coaches, language specialists, agents and masterclass teachers from all over the world. It gives each young singer a stipend to take additional singing lessons and pays each singer a living wage so that they can spend all of their time and energy honing their craft. This would not be possible without the financial support that comes from Operanation every year. By buying a ticket to Operanation, you are directly impacting the lives and growth of these young Canadian artists.

 What is your favourite part about attending as well as hosting the VIP dinner?

I love the feeling of giving back to a company that has been unbelievably supportive of me and of my career. The dinner is always exquisitely curated with a creative theme, wonderful food and great company. It’s a perfect way to meet other interesting, young professionals with a love of the arts. It’s a real VIP experience with fabulous conversation, lots of laughs and some stunning private performances. 

What are your thoughts on this year’s theme?

I love a slightly general theme because it opens the floodgates for tons of creativity. The fashion at Operanation is ALWAYS a highlight, so I love that “A Night of Curiosities” leaves enough room for attendees to go in whichever direction they choose. It also lays the ground work for some brilliant artistic collaborations, creations and experiences over the course of the evening.

Can you share anything about your fashion choices for the evening’s festivities?

I’ve been living out of my suitcase for the past three months, so I had to pick up a new piece for Operanation this year. As the host, I like to blend in a bit rather than completely clash with the artists or other speakers, so I’ve decided on a black, sequined Aidan Maddox number which should do the trick for both the glam dinner portion and full blown party mode for the rest of the night. Usually, I like to wear Canadian designers to Operanation, (last year, I was fortunate enough to be dressed by The Room at the Hudson’s Bay, and was gifted a gorgeous Sid Neigum gown) but given my busy travel schedule this month, a quick shopping trip was all I could manage, and there wasn’t anything quite right within the Canadian designed options. Next year!

Finally, if you can (even though you’ve performed so many), what is your favourite opera?

It would be impossible to pick a favourite opera to see or hear, but my favourite to sing is “Lucia di Lammermoor”. What soprano doesn’t dream of a 20 minute ‘mad scene’, dressed in a huge white wedding gown, covered in blood from head to toe, and brandishing a dagger. To me, it’s the soprano pinnacle.

There’s still time to purchase tickets by going online or by calling COC Ticket Services at 416-363-8231.