Winter Fairy Tale

Another memorable runway show is in store for designer Aleks Susak. Last year, I attended the launch of her signature collection and was blown away by the intricacy in the detail work and her hand painted pieces. Next week, the Toronto based former model will host an exclusive fashion presentation at a private residence to present her FW16 line. Not only will attendees have the opportunity to see the entire collection in a very chic salon setting but can also shop the collection and her special edition dresses, caftans, skirts and more after the show.

The final details are in the works from model castings to fittings but this fabulous gal was able to take some time from her packed schedule and sit down with me.

MC: How do you feel now preparing your second show compared to last year?

AS: Last year was my debut collection so I was quite excited but everything was also new to me. Even with my modelling experience, being on “the other side” is much different, but the past year has given me quite a bit of practice.

Last year's finale from her launch

Last year’s finale from Aleks’ signature collection launch at 99 Sudbury (Credit: George Pimentel)

MC: Give us some more insight to the unique setting for your FW16 presentation.

AS: I decided to show my Fall/Winter 2015 collection in season and in a more private setting for my clientele. The nature of the collection is quite warm and cozy, so I thought to do a salon-style show in a private residence, much like the shows that were done by Chanel and Dior in the 1930s-40s.

MC: Your fabric selections from the signature line were out of this world. Can you share some details about the FW selections?

AS: I chose fabrics that are woven wool and cotton pieces in a variety of colours. There are also hand woven mesh tops with interesting accents and designs from nature. The whole collection is quite bright. Winter is cold and grey and I wanted to create something that contrasts that.

MC: How was your design process like for this collection?

AS: I began creating this collection almost immediately after my debut show. I already had ideas to create a winter-like fairytale. The pieces are very feminine, bright and suitable for both day and evening wear.

MC: 2016 is just around the corner and we would love to hear about future goals for next year.

AS: Next season, I plan to continue creating silk and velvet hand painted pieces for spring, as well as a few one-of-a-kind dresses. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection is also in process, but secret for the moment.

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Maximum Style, Minimal Effort

notable.ca_tara rivasIt is amazing how many talented fashion artists live in our own backyard and I can never stress enough how important it is support them. Discovering new designers is becoming an addictive hobby of mine (yes,a hobby). The latest designer on the ‘discovery list’ is Tara Rivas who also proudly supports the Canadian apparel industry with her locally sourced and manufactured fashion label TMR Collection.

Each piece in her collection is timeless with a versatile twist. The functionality behind her pieces allows the TMR lady to transition easily from day to night. Our title for today’s post really sums up Tara’s design philosophy: maximum style, minimal effort.

MC: Please elaborate more on the following quote you share about your collection: “…clean lines of Scandinavia with a hint of Latin American verve”.

TR: My Scandinavian and Latin American roots have always inspired my personal sense of style. The clean lines, simplicity and elegance found throughout all of Scandinavia speaks to the “less is more” approach I follow regularly. Each piece in the FW15 collection is timeless, while incorporating an edgier on-trend element, which refers back to the hint of Latin American verve.

MC: How do you define a contemporary woman.

TR: I define a contemporary woman as someone who is ambitious, educated and up-to-date with the current trends.

MC: What materials have you used and what attracted you to them?

TR: For the debut FW15 collection we used primarily stretch fabrics such as jersey, bamboo rib and crepes. I am usually drawn to higher quality fabrics that are comfortable and have a “techno” look.

MC: Explain the fine details behind certain pieces such as the lovely peek-a-boo features on your blazer vests and jackets.

TR: As mentioned before, each piece in our FW15 collection is timeless while incorporating on-trend elements; such as the mesh inserts seen in our Davenport Blazer, Roxborough Vest and Spadina Top. We used black mesh throughout the FW15 collection, as it was highlighted as one of the seasonal trends.

MC: Anything you can share about a possible SS16 line?

TR: Our SS16 collection is similar to our previous collection in that it is versatile and easy-to-wear, however, we are integrating some bolder and brighter pieces that are a bit more revealing for the warmer months.

This weekend TMR invites everyone to come by their holiday pop up event at the beaches on Sunday November 29 (2186 Queen Street East)

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