Louboutin Covered Lips

Throughout history, women have gone through great efforts to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Many would say that emphasizing the female face trumped over clothing and jewelry.

Accentuating a woman’s lips goes back to the Mesopotamian period where not only women, but men as well, went through great lengths of collecting semi-precious stones, crushing them to create the perfect hue. These extremes also include famous royals such as the Egyptian Cleopatra collecting beetles and ants whose blood resembled the ideal shade of red. This desire sometimes went to far as these ingredients were poisonous causing illness and even death.

Thankfully we have come a very long way in the world of beauty and cosmetics but it is truly fascinating how the history of “putting on a little rouge” has definitely come a long way. If the glamorous Cleopatra could live to see these advances, I have a feeling she would have been smitten with Christian Louboutin’s latest venture.

Say hello to 38 shades that have been inspired by the French designer’s shoes and handbags. The cases themselves look like treasures from the Ancient Babylon. Silky Satin, Velvet Matte, and Sheer Voile are the three finishes you can choose from and they are priced at $90 each.


They are available in-stores next month and while summer may be coming to an end shortly, autumn isn’t look that bad after all.