The Ultimate Doodle Artist

He has been described as “Instagram’s Andy Warhol” by the New York Post while others have given him the nickname “Drawbertson”.  Like many social media fanatics, I, too, came across Donald Robertson’s drawings while fiddling away on my Android and clearly distracting myself from a little something called work.

The creative director behind Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and one of the original founders behind MAC Cosmetics has a creative mind that seems to amaze his followers on a daily basis. His doodles are able to perfectly capture the mood and fascination behind the latest fashion events, news, trends, you name it. He can take a simple paper bag, “Drawbertsons-ize” it and voila! An instant work of art.

Did I mention he’s also a Toronto native? Let’s just say I’m already looking forward to my next “Instagram work break” – yes, it’s totally legit.

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Donald Robertson_chanel

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Sosovē Contest


I am thrilled to be working with Sosovē on our very first contest!

Enter today for a chance to win two tickets to the National Women’s Show running from November 7th to the 9th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (sponsored by Sosovē).

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To enter, please visit the MIMA CULTURE facebook page, find our post and click “like” and “share”.

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Winner will be announced on November 5th, 2014.


That’s Sosovē

Comfort trumps over everything else according to Sonja Vejin – the creative director behind Sosovē [soh·soh·vey]. This is the ultimate philsophy behind her contemporary womenswear brand of tunic-style pieces.  A dear friend and extremely ambitious beyond belief, Sonja has evolved throughout her fashion journey.


She first made her mark as a stylist specializing in assembling high-end looks for less as well as establishing her own non-profit organization, Sisters in Suits, as a way to consult and help recent female immigrants manage a professional wardrobe while maintaining a low income budget.

A lot has happened since launching Sosovē in 2012. Many new projects are in the works and the mastery behind Sonja’s tunics are also taking a creative turn.

MC: What makes the tunic such an important staple in a woman’s closet and what does it mean to you?
SV: I like tunic style tops because they’re versatile and comfortable. I find when I’m layering, I opt for extra length in the torso and sleeves. It drives me crazy when I feel certain layers creeping up my back that are too short.

MC: How does your design process work in creating an added twist to these staple pieces?
SV: Sosove is all about length. Another thing I wanted to do was make the styles timeless, and that goes hand in hand with simplicity which I enjoy aesthetically.

MC: Explain the materials you use.
SV: The material have to be breathable, comfortable and drape well. I also wanted a dependable supplier within Canada to go along with the local manufacturing. After countless samples in different knits, I leaned towards a stretchy jersey that’s a blend of rayon and spandex. Rayon is great, it’s made from wood pulp and is airy, soft with a distinct drape.
MC: What’s in store for upcoming designs?
SV: What you can expect from Sosove is continued focus on versatility, comfort and length.

MC: You have the National Women’s Show coming up next month, what are you looking forward to?
SV: I love meeting other women and seeing different styles. The National Women’s Show is an opportunity for just that, and I can’t wait.

Visit the Sosovē booth at the National Women’s Show from November 7-9.
Click here to enter our contest for a chance to win a pair of two tickets!

Shop on Etsy to get the latest looks from Sosovē today!
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Modern Rachel


When it comes to architectural tailoring and comfortable work silhouettes, Rachel Sin’s designs speak to the mass of female professionals who shoot for the stars at work but can still pull off an edgy and versatile look. As much as I enjoy my corporate nine-to-five job, I do like to stand out by adding a fashionable flare to my look. Appearing for the second time at World Mastercard Fashion Week (WMCFW), Sin will have the opportunity to express not one, but two collections and share two fashion personas that exemplify her Urban Jetsetter  – the #RSWORK / FW14 collection is for the City Jetsetter featuring a sculpted silhouette that is sharp and on point and #RSPLAY / SS15 collection is for the Exotic Jetsetter featuring a silhouette that is airy and flowing. These women are ” always on the go, with a career that is an extension of their life. They are technology-savvy and seamlessly blending work and play, hopping on a plane for a meeting abroad then staying a few extra days to soak up the city and culture”.

MC: What is your definition of the modern woman?

RS: To see the modern woman as intelligent, knows what she wants, knows how to get it and isn’t afraid to express herself.

MC: There is a strong history to the rise of the career woman. Is there an era that speaks to you as an inspirational moment for women?

I think the 1950s was where it all began. Between WWI and WWII, women took on male jobs and  wanted to keep these positions after the war. I think there was timelessness about this era and why we keep seeing it being interpreted in a modern way.

MC: How do your SS15 collection pieces translate into specific architectural designs based on your previous career background?

RS: There is definitely an architectural aesthetic to the brand and I think it shines through very naturally.  Each dress is sculpted to the form of the female body with architectural lines that are strong, yet at ease with effortless function.  An architect would not design a dress that is not functional, this means that it is both versatile and comfortable to wear day-to-night.  I also approach fashion the same way an architect would create a building – we oversee the design and construction process from selecting the materials to ensuring the final product is exactly what we designed it to be.

MC: What are you looking forward to most about next week’s WMCFW?

RS: We’re making a bold move by unveiling both the FW14 and SS15 collection in one show.  This has never been done before, but as WMCFW moves away from being a buyer-targeted event, we wanted to engage the public with what is both current and trending.  I’m excited on how we will make it a streamline show with both collections, and making the whole show experience a representation of the brand itself.  I’m excited to see how people will react to this.

rachel sin_image

On Wednesday, October 22nd at 7:00pm, Rachel Sin will feature her collections on the Main Runway at David Pecaut Square. For more information visit