A Bottle of Rouge

Red was seen as the colour of power back in the 17th century and Louis XIV was obsessed with showing off his legs, and most of all, his scarlet heeled shoes. Soon, all of Europe would follow this trend as red dye was a scarce and an expensive colour to buy.

louboutin nail polish

Flash forward to 1992 where French designer, Christian Louboutin, too, was inspired by the rouge hue and started using red nail varnish to paint the souls of his iconic shoes. 20 years later, the very same colour that started it all, has now been turned into his own enamel collection.

Starting first with his signature Louboutin Red, the collection will feature 30 shades and launch in Europe next month.

Christian-Louboutin-Mathieu Cesar

Photo Credit: Mathieu Cesar



EDMA to Be Announced During TOM*

Apart from celebrating the latest fashion talent at this year’s inaugural Toronto Men’s Fashion Week,  a special grand finale runway show will set to the stage and for a very good reason. The Emerging Menswear Designer Award, which is part of the Designer Menswear Fund and an initiative with the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI), will be granted to one of five finalists at TOM*.  Each collection will be scored based on visual appearance, style, brand communication and marketability.

The winner of the 2014 EMDA will receive a cash prize of $10,000 toward their next collection, a spot-lighted show at next season’s TOM* and global recognitions the media, buyers and editors.

Andrew Coimbra

Andrew Coimbra

Som Kong

Som Kong

Patrick Salonga

Patrick Salonga

Joao Paulo Gudes

Joao Paulo Gudes

Rani Kim

Rani Kim

Photo Credit: JR Bernstein

This year’s panel of judges include Jeff Rustia, Founder and Executive Director of TOM*, David Dixon, a leading Canadian Women’s fashion designer and Susan Langdon, Executive Director of The Toronto Fashion Incubator.

TOM* premieres August 11-15th

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A Walk In His Shoes

History has always played a huge role in shaping the creative process for many designers including Canadian shoe designer Abel Muñoz.  His latest collection for FW15 truly represents a craftsmanship and philosophy that is focused on detail with a functional elegance. The Toronto-based designer still believes in creating traditional shoe patterns using quality materials rather than taking the ‘moulding’ route.

Having completed his studies at the world-renowned ARS Arpel Institute of Shoe and Accessory Design in Italy, Muñoz has made a name for himself internationally, and of course, right here, in Canada. He is loved by many fashion personalities who have featured his collections in Elle, FASHION, and Vogue Italia.

I also had a chance to chat with the ever-so-kind designer and learn about his creative processes that were both historically influenced and a little out of this world too.

MC: What were your inspirations for the FW15 season?

AM: The Abel Muñoz Fall Winter 2014\15 collection aims for the stars. Emotion and attitude influenced and determined by the cosmos. Each style, named after a heavenly body in the solar system, represents the modern elegance of the forward thinking woman of today and hereafter.



MC: You have quite a variety when it comes to styles such as the Ascella, Cursa and Izar. How do you sketch out these types of patterns when creating for an upcoming season?

AM: I usually keep all ideas that come to mind or that I visualized in a journal then I start the drawing process either by hand or computer generated. Once I have a series of sketches that I am happy with, I do a round of selection from where a collection is created.

MC: During your studies, were you fascinated with the history of shoes? I sense a very glam, 1930’s feel towards this collection.AM: I am mainly inspired by the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s before mass production began and the handmade shoe industry was thriving.

MC:  If you could design a pair of shoes for anyone in history, doesn’t matter what century, who would it be?

AM: I would love to design for The Medici Family.



Official Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (#TOM*) Launches Next Month


TORONTO, July 14, 2014 /CNW/ – Introducing TOM*, the Official Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and the 8th Men’s Fashion Week in the world, joining the ranks of London, Paris, Florence, Milan, Singapore, Vancouver and Los Angeles. Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, or TOM* will be a celebration of the best in menswear design, showcasing established and pioneering Canadian and international menswear designers and brands. TOM* premieres August 11-15th, 2014 with main runway presentations on the 12th, 13th and 14th, 2014 at the Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, Canada.

“The time is NOW to celebrate and support Canadian menswear. Toronto Men’s Fashion Week will absolutely stimulate the industry from every angle, from nurturing menswear design itself to growing the male modeling industry, to increasing buying and spending on men’s products and brands and increasing the overall image and profile of menswear in  Canada. It will show that creativity and business in this country are not mutually exclusive.” Says Jeff Rustia, Founder and Executive Director of TOM*.

TOM* aims to increase the profile and visibility of menswear while stimulating the fashion industry and boosting tourism. TOM* is designed to create a huge economic impact on Toronto through increased spending in men-focused products, brands and services.

Among the many exciting highlights of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, TOM* will include The Menswear Collections, by Canada’s most iconic and innovative designers such as Christopher Bates, Sons of Odin, Hussein Dhalla (HD Homme), Pedram Karimi and many more.  The event will also feature top menswear brands and men’s shops in TOM* Presents. Other highlights will include Suits & Styles, featuring the latest in suit designs; The International Spotlight Series will showcase notable menswear designers from around the world and the Avant Garde series will feature the collections of designers who are breaking the mold and setting the course for modern men’s style.

As a Canadian brand, TOM* is pleased to present EMDA – Emerging Menswear Design Award, which is a part of the Designer Menswear Fund, an initiative with the Toronto Fashion Incubator, to promote and nurture home grown design talent, and to inspire young designers to specialize in menswear. The EMDA grand prize winner will be selected from a group of five finalists by a distinguished panel of judges. All five finalists will present their collections at the grand finale on the last night of TOM*. Each collection will be scored based on visual appearance, style, communication and marketability.

The first ever menswear-dedicated fashion week in Toronto, TOM* Fashion Week, is produced by the same visionary fashion group that produced CPFW (Canada Philippine Fashion Week) also founded by Jeff Rustia. The inaugural CPFW was a highly successful six-day cultural fashion week, held in Toronto in June 2013, which brought an estimated economic impact of $5.5 million dollars to Toronto, attracted over 10,000 unique attendees, and over 31,000 visitors. (Enigma Research, Canada and FEO, Festival Events Ontario)

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week is proud to be a member of Festival Events Ontario. Part of the proceeds of TOM* will go to Men’s Fashion 4 Hope, a special initiative that brings fashion and charity together in support of the Kol Hope Foundation for Children, to help young people with disabilities at SickKids Hospital in Toronto.

Historically, menswear has taken a back seat to women’s global fashion weeks often showing their collections alongside women’s wear or tagged into the end of women’s fashion weeks. Finally, menswear will have it’s own well deserved spotlight in North America.

“It’s time that menswear designers have their own platform and runway to showcase their innovation, creativity and talent here in Toronto,” says  Jeff Rustia. “Logistically, it doesn’t make sense to lump the men with the women, because it is its own entity, it has its own set of buyers and editors, and audience”

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and TOM* and I AM TOM* and TOMFW.COM are registered trademarks of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week Inc., (1902525) a registered Canadian non profit organization aimed at promoting Canadian menswear designs and businesses embedded in a cultural program.

SOURCE  TOM, Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

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