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Aleks Susak Opens Toronto Summer Showroom

Canadian designer, Aleks Susak, has officially opened her Toronto summer showroom featuring latest pieces from The Silk Collection. Also, luxury leather handbags will be introduced featuring gold leaf embellishments and hand-painted motifs. The Silk Collection is a luxury line of … Continue reading

Through the artist’s eyes

Taking the stage as a classical artist is exciting and glamorous but it takes years of practice and dedication. Education plays a vital role in every performer’s musical career – I, too, know from experience. Singing or playing in front … Continue reading

Behind the Elixir

We are now two weeks away from the most sought after cultural party of the year. Operanation will attract anyone who is anyone from all over the city and beyond. We can only imagine the preparation and planning behind an event … Continue reading

Detox Passport

Today, we live in a world where convenience is key when it comes to accessing all of life’s necessities, sometimes, by just the click of a button. There is nothing wrong with efficiency and saving time, however, the result does have its … Continue reading

Release: It’s time to design your own life with Crown + Pride

TORONTO, May 2017– Canadian womenswear brand, Crown + Pride, have officially released their latest set of staple pieces for spring-summer. The Queen West crop top perfectly falls where you want it to while complementing your seasonal wardrobe needs. Crown + … Continue reading

A night of fashion curiosities

This year’s Operanation will be an evening full of curiosities – and, of course, a night where party goers will be surrounded by both opera as well as fashion aficionados. Yes, many like to compare this event to the Met … Continue reading